Name of Scientist / Researcher: Garry Daly



Name of Artist : Kassandra Bossell


The way we read the landscape is based on our culture and education. The relationship with what we see and what we know is never settled.  I want to share with people in the group the way I read the landscape and show people native animals / plants and their associations with habitat. 


My work has always been about the questions of human perception as it relates to the natural world and how we fit into it. I have recently been researching micorrhizal fungus, patterns of leaf venation and coral colonies to look at ways life forms succeed in having mutually beneficial relationships, or 'win-win situations'.  I focus on symbiosis in nature so as to consider the human planetary role as a top predator and the responsibilities this brings. In this way, my research is grounded in science yet is expressed through a poetic channel in the interests of inspiring people.

Field of research / interest

My field of research is native fauna, particularly threatened species and their ecology and conservation.  The distribution of animals across a landscape is often linked to vegetation communities and substrates.  I explore these associations by conduction systematic surveys.

About your art practice

I explore what constitutes a natural inter-dependent relationship within nature so as to produce metaphors for consciously evolving our human behaviour to support the awareness and thereby health of our local and global ecosystems.

My sculptures and wall reliefs address the fragility of natural environments and the symbiosis of life forms. My works emphasise states of transformation along with cycles of life and death, linking micro and macro worlds. I use a blowtorch to burn recycled timber panels and then 'draw' lines with chisels. I cast hardened waxes to 're-flesh' the carved and burned panels.

Using wax, wood and carbon, I explore processes of creation and destruction within our environment whilst addressing notions of healing. Flame and wax are deliberately used to present a visual discussion reflecting on the global polemic around carbon and oil (from which wax is a bi-product) 


Bsc. Zoology UNSW.  Dip Ed U of W. Taught high school science from 1983-6. Owner builder then fauna consultant. Director Gaia Research Pty Ltd. Secretary Shoalhaven Landcare Association. On several recovery teams for threatened fauna and Declining Frog Working Group.



Kassandra’s work occupies the meeting places between art, science, imagination and memory. Aware of the interconnection of all life forms, she often creates work in response to specific sites or environments using a diverse range of materials. Kassandra Bossell is a full-time artist whose work spans the visual, professional and performing arts mediums including film, theatre, festivals, events, museums and private commissions. Since 1990, Kassandra has exhibited sculpture, installation and drawings, and delivered classes in technical design, sculpture, mixed media, mould making and drawing. Kassandra graduated from Sydney College of the Arts in 1990 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts after completing a BA in literature and humanities at The University of Sydney in 1986. Since then she has studied Puppetry with Phillip Millar and Art Direction at AFTRS, and Figure Sculpting with Clara Hali.