Name of Scientist / Researcher: Mia Dalby-Ball


Name of Artist: Joshua Yeldham



Ku-ring-gai pH project provides the melting pot where each person’s unique acquired and inherent knowledge, interests, enthusiasm and beliefs become one with others and new creations are born; new creations to celebrate the connecting of people with natural environment, and each other, through nature.  This is of super interest to me.

Living in the area of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, feeling the depth of care of thousands of years from the First People – continuing today.  This area, the National Park, is breathing space for awakening not only the imaginal realm and seeing it through art but also better understanding ourselves and the science through appreciating all the stories told by and through nature.  Stories of interaction and diversity, of seasons and cycles, of change as the natural way, of birth and death as transformations within cycles not just linear begin and end points.

Ku-ring-gai pH project is the seed from which creations will grow that share the stories of and through nature to many peoples.  My purpose realised.

Art and science are a natural union.  Between the two arise the fuzzy edges where imagination meets and creates “reality”.  Science now shows what ancient wisdom always knew, that everything is energy and that thoughts and emotions influence what we perceive as out-there, as real. As we look, what we look at changes. As we share, we are changed.


To dive into Mia’s expansive universe of knowledge - in particular the mangrove landscape.  To bring my brush and carving tools along the way. 

Field of research / interest

In scientific terms I’d be described as an Ecologist. Eco = house and ology = the study of. Thus my field is the study of the house; the house being nature and all the interactions.  A naturalist may be a better description – one who appreciates and seeks to understand nature.

Urban Ecology is the key area - how we all live in this wonderful house we call Earth.  Specifically my focus is the care, restoration and assisted re-creation of natural systems and areas.  From butterfly birthplaces that bring back the caterpillars that transform to butterflies. Plus workshops in field studies that aim to facilitate people’s appreciation of nature so we can celebrate what is here and see it into the future.

About your art practice

Drawing from a reverential love of nature and deep spiritual affiliation with the land, I create intricately rendered works that oscillate between narrative and myth, imagination and real experience. 


As a child Mia loved times in Nature. As she grew so did her interest continuing her passion in the area of biology and ecology and excelling in these subjects getting 1st Class Honours in Science.  She went on to teach Ecology and Biology at Sydney University and TAFE.  Travelled extensively – keenly interested in natural places and people’s interaction with areas.  Seeking advice from Indigenous Knowledge Holders recognising their deep wisdom.  A Sun Dancer in the Native North American tradition. As a mum she delights in children’s interest in nature. A frequent conference presenter and facilitator of workshops her enthusiasm for the natural world is contagious. Skilled in urban ecology design and training. 20 years’ experience with wetlands and waterways. Joint author of Burnum Burnum’s Wildthings, contributing author to Estuary Plants of East Coast Australia.  A Director on Pittwater Environmental Foundation. Manager of Environment Pittwater Council for 8 years. Now director of Ecological Consultants Australia.


Owls Of Kyoto – Art House Gallery – Sydney
The Need of the Time – Scott Livesey Gallery – Melbourne
Surrender – Art15 Art Fair – London – Cat Street Gallery
Art House Gallery – Sydney – Surrender Book Launch and New Print show
Scott Livesey Gallery – Melbourne – Surrender Book Launch and New Print show

Surrender – Survey Exhibition, Manly Art Gallery & Museum, Sydney

Surrender Tree, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
Surrender, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
Surrender Tree, Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Arthouse Gallery

The Tongue Has No Bone, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne

Two Rivers, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

River Song, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney
River Music, Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne

Child Of The Moon, Hawkesbury River, Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne

Hawkesbury River, Motherland, Arthouse Gallery, Sydney

Hawkesbury River – Death Bird Series, Scott Livesey Gallery, Melbourne